Telegraph (Graph Messenger) Apk T7.6.0 - P8.8.3

Telegraph (Graph Messenger) Mod Apk v7.1.3-P8.3.1


Telegram Mod Apk v7.5.0

Telegraph (Graph Messenger) Mod Apk

is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram’s API and add new features like real multi account system, download manager and time line. It has all Telegram benefits and new fantastic features.

  1. Real multi account system, unlimited account login and 100 simultaneous active account.
  2. Download Manager, manage and schedule your downloads with a multi queue download manager.
  3. Support any type of theme, telegram theme or Plus theme or Mobogram theme.
  4. Voice changer, change your voice when send voice messages.
  5. Hidden section, hide your chats and contacts and set password or pattern lock for them.
  6. Lock chats, lock your chats and set password or pattern lock for them.
  7. Send Drawing, draw anything you like and send as message.
  8. Time Line, show all channels messages in one page.
  9. Favorite Messages, add messages to favorite messages and show them in separate page.
  10. Auto answer machine, send auto message to contact when you can’t answer.
  11. Short Messages, When the message is long it shows it short.
  12. Separate channels, groups, users,… in chats list.
  13. Favorite chats, add chats to favorite chats and show them in separate list.
  14. Categorize chats list, create categories and add chats to them.
  15. File manager, show all chats media in one page.
  16. Contact changes, can show contact changes like change name, avatar and phone in one page.
  17. Special contact, notify you when your special contact is online.
  18. Can edit and customize main menu.
  19. Can change screen light and color filter.
  20. Telegraph settings, you can customize your telegraph app in telegraph settings.
  21. Professional proxy settings, Multi delete, share and copy. Sort by ping time.
  22. Smart connect to proxy by ping time.
  23. Import proxies from file and clipboard. export proxies to file.
  24. and other features.

  • Upgraded to Telegram version 7.1.3
  • Ability to change the color of all multi-color emojis.
  • Option to copy or translate the bot help text.
  • New options added to the search filter messages (special forward, select range, download manager).
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Check full change log in @app_telegraph channel.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Check full change log in @app_telegraph channel.

Telegraph (Graph Messenger) Mod Apk v7.1.3-P8.3.1

APK Size: 31.74 MB | Get it from GooglePlay

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