WIFI PASSWORD MASTER Apk v14.1.21 [Unlocked]

WIFI PASSWORD MASTER Apk v14.0.2 [Unlocked]


WiFi Warden Apk v3.3.4


Generates a random key to protect your router. The algorithm is capable of achieving security keys compatible with WEP, WPA, WPA2 with a high level of authentication.
The application also displays a list of networks that are open to facilitate the search the user.
This application is totally free if you want you can contribute to remove advertising.
Is optimized for Android phones and tablets.

  • Generate wifi keys.
  • See list of Wi-Fi access points grouped by password protected and open.
  • Test to measure the speed of your wifi router.

  • New design
  • Added, dark theme
  • Updated privacy policy
  • Compatible with Android 10
  • Updated libraries
  • Bugs fixed

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